New Website

Posted on: September 20th, 2011 by ClayBartlett

Clay Bartlet on the webSo…Iʼve got a new website here and it looks pretty damn good. The webmaster, though, is all decked out in leather and holding a whip telling me that Iʼve got to write some stuff to get it going. Damn, I think I clicked on the wrong sidebar. I should oblige though…. Through this Space Age website, you will be able to purchase songs and albums directly (either purely digital or I can mail you a cd that has the 1ʼs and 0ʼs burned into itʼs Being. It will, also, come with some nice artwork). I will have a blog, in which I will describe my mundane life in detail. Thatʼs going to be pretty exciting for all of you. Iʼm hoping to start posting cover songs and home demos for your your listening pleasure (and amusement). These will not be downloadable. There will be links to reviews of my records (probably only the favorable ones). And puppies, there will be puppies available for download. Iʼm excited! I really donʼt know what to expect, but it looks damn good.


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